In today's commercial environment where so much business is won and lost based on the first connection, it is paramount that any prospective customer becomes so engaged with what you have to offer and to such a degree, that they wish to pursue the idea of giving you their hard earned money.

That first connection used to be the telephone or a handshake, easily identifiable connections that tell us so much about the individual and the company that we may wish to deal with.

This is no longer the case!

For direct customer communication your Web Content is and always will be your first connection; there are very few people, regardless of technical ability, that do not make their first and last buying decisions based on the content of your website.

The most important aspect of any site and an incredibly common mistake is found in the question,who is it written for? Has it been written for you and people with your knowledge or has it been written for your audience of potential customers?

Remember, if they have your knowledge why do they need your services?

The assumption that everyone who needs your product or service has the same technical knowledge as you or understands the service or product as well as you, is both common and incorrect. Equally the way your site reads has to be measured, it is not about getting your entire message across in one barrage of words that ultimately drive the reader away.

No decision maker will give you the time of day if they do not understand what you offer and how it will impact on their lives or business. If the person holding the purse strings can't understand what you are saying they will not buy, either through frustration or they would rather not admit to a lack of understanding. Why should they when there are so many alternatives to look at?

Then there are the sites with not enough information, those with too much personal and not enough business, those that look technically amazing but forgot to get the message across, this list goes on. You are all fighting for the same business and your web content is your first connection, it must engage and deliver.

That is where we can help, not only do we write site content from scratch, we can also re-write what you have, all sites are built in .php code and many of our sites have built in administration access allowing customers to update critical information on the go. We write everything from the perspective of the audience with a mix of technical features and benefits based information, written in an easy to understand and engaging way that encourages the reader to ask for more.

If someone is making a shortlist of potential suppliers, you want to be on it and your website can get you there if the decision makers like what they read.

For further information on how we can create or re-word your first connection, please use the contact us page.