Many designer and developer sites want to impress with vast amounts of graphics and clever additional features that rightly show off their skills and should,in theory, impress you. We on the other hand have found that most small and growing businesses are far less interested in spending hundreds of pounds on fancy design and much more motivated toward good rankings and a message that really works. Here at DarCourts-First Connection we are of course able to deliver all the fancy aspects of a web design you could wish for, however we don't recommend it, if it doesn't add to your message or significantly increase the chances of someone coming to you why spend the money?

All our sites are built from scratch using .php code and are designed specifically for your audience. Once content format and design have been agreed, a deposit of 50% of the build cost is required without exception.

Rather than tell you that we think we are good at what we do, here are some examples of our sites and what our customers think of us:

Solutions Swim School

"We were introduced to Courtenay when we were looking to upgrade our web site and it's proved to be a most effective partnership. The site has been re-focussed, to allow us to communicate better with our potential customers in an informative but friendly style that clearly appeals. Take-up has improved dramatically and the feedback has been used to transform our administrative practices. We will continue to work together, turning our attention now, to how we can harness the power of social media."

Stote Software and Services

(Content only)
"Having recently decided to update our website Courtenay took the information we gave him and transformed it into technically complete yet easily understood pages. We are confident that our target audience, whatever the technical level, will have no issues understanding what we offer".

Westie ReHoming

"DarCourts-First Connection came to us highly recommended, and we have not once regretted choosing them to build and manage our website. The design is very user friendly; any problems that have arisen have been dealt with quickly and professionally. We consistently get very positive feedback from visitors to the site and we would have no hesitation in recommending DarCourts-First Connection to anyone seeking a quality website designer."

PRC Homes UK

"The PRC Group of companies had been working with the same website company for ten years when they informed us they were to retire. We were fortunate that they introduced us to Courtenay of DarCourts First-Connection, who has been exceptionally helpful and very patient while working with us to create our new websites and dealing with other related and non-related computer issues. Very personable, knowledgeable and as mentioned patient particularly when it comes to our, computer unfriendly, Managing Director."
David Nichols
Managing Director
PRC Group of Companies

Hair Care and Trichology

Hair Care and Trichology

For further information on how we can create or re-word your first connection, please use the contact us page.